The Best Restaurants In and Around Mt Adams, Cincinnati

best restaurants near me in mount adams

The Best Places For Dining In Mt. Adams, Cincinnati:

Are you heading to the Cincinnati, Ohio area, and looking for some great places to eat? Perhaps you already live there and want to really impress someone. There’s quite the buzz around Mt. Adams: U.K. travellers will book Expedia vacations to Cincinnati just so they can see the boutique shops and enjoy the culinary delights.

There is nothing worse than thinking you are sitting down to a really good meal, only to leave disappointed, or embarrassed with your guests. Go over to the Mt. Adams district for some pleasant surprises.

The following is a list of those that have been voted best of the best. Of course, you may want to look a little closer at each one, to make sure it will have what you are looking for, a far as decor, and menu choices. Mt. Adams has many different choices, but look at a few from the list for your selection.

Best Bar: Mt. Adams Bar and Grill

mt adams bar and grill

You can’t go wrong with a trip down to the Mt. Adams Bar and Grill. Take a trip back in time to the old city bars, with a fancy flair. From the tin plate ceiling tiles, down to the ceramic tiled floors, and oak wood walls, this place is a sight to see, in the bar. The “porch” is reminiscent of a tropical Indian porch.

They have your regular staples like burgers and salads, with unique ingredients, but the appetizers are the star of this show. Ever heard of fried jalapeno ravioli? This is a must for all to try, or maybe “Bangers”, which is spicy grilled Italian sausage on a croissant, served with a pickle pepper relish. The atmosphere and the food will please all.

Best View: The Boathouse

The Boathouse Restaurant

Looking to really impress your date or friends? The Boathouse is the place to go. It is housed in a unique round building, right on the river, enabling every seat to have a fantastic view of the Ohio River. Just picture it: when you look out at the water, you’re looking at where Kentucky begins. It is a beautiful dining experience. They are known for their fantastic barbeque brisket and ribs. Add another favorite, sarasota chips, for a great tasting combo. You also can’t go wrong with their specialty salads, such as a blackened scallop salad. You can’t go wrong with this place.

View Their Menu:

Best Breakfast: Wild Eggs

Don’t forget about breakfast. This next place will leave you wanting to come back the next day for more. What’s so special about this place? How about what is not? They enjoy putting a twist on all your old favorites. Their version of eggs benedict is called, Kalamity Katie‚Äôs Border Benedict, comes with Green chili cheddar corn cakes, chorizo sausage on top of them, along with two poached eggs, queso fundido, pico de gallo, sour cream, green onions, avocado, and potatoes, all served with an Everything muffin. They also have so many more fantastic items for lunch too.

wild eggs best breakfast in mount adams

View Their Menu:

Best Burgers: City View Tavern

city view tavern mount adams - restaurant with the best burgers

Looking for a really good burger. The City View Tavern is the place to go, for a fun dining experience. They have a variety of your old favorites, plus some really unique versions such as the “Our Way Five Way Burger” It comes with a burger and “Sila’s” chili, onion and cheddar. Or try a peanut butter and bacon topped burger. Better yet, each of you orders a different variety and share. Head out to the porch, with one of their famous bloody mary’s to enjoy a fantastic view of the city skyline.


Best Coffee: Bowtie Cafe and Bistro

Get your day started with some great Brazilian coffees and espressos. You will not be disappointed at the Bowtie Cafe and Bistro. They also serve breakfast, lunch, and dinners. You must try one of their specialty quinoa bowls, or grilled paninis and wraps. They also have an extensive wine list and some wonderful jazz music to listen to while you relax.

bowtie cafe and bistro - great-tasting coffee in Cincinnati

View Their Menu Here:

Best Atmosphere: Chapter Mount Adams

Chapter Mount Adams is another great place to visit. It has an open porch complete with a fireplace. Hang out with the locals who love their great tasting wings with many varieties of flavors. They also have burgers and a mushroom-filled grilled cheese. Or just have some great tasting appetizers with some spirits.

Chapter Mt. Adams - best atmosphere


Best Late-Night Eats: Bub’s Pizza Bar

After a night on the town, can make you might hungry. Well, you are in luck because Bub’s pizza bar stays open until 3:00 AM, just for that reason. There is even an outside patio to clear your head a bit while you wait for food. They have some great stone-fired pizzas. There are your traditional toppings and then there is Bub’s. Try the pesto and goat cheese served with mozzarella and roasted red bell peppers too. A Cincinnati special is Goetta, which is a German type of mushy sausage. They have a pie served with this, mozzarella, red onion, and marinara. This is a must if you want to really “taste” Cincinnati!

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