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Mt Adams: Family Fun in The Park

Reminiscent of yesteryear, the nostalgic feel of sitting on the grass in the Summertime and watching classic retro cinema is an experience that has delighted the audience of Ohio’s Mt. Adams Cinema in the City for the last few years. For parents this tradition harkens back to childhood and drive in movies. For children this outing provides a moment at the park with their parents.

The lush green trees of the park provide shade to keep event goers and community members comfortably shielded from the hot summer sun, while they rest and take in the entertainment. Bring your favorite lawn chair and enjoy the view of the river while listening the pre-show. Or sit on one of the many benches and enjoy the breeze off the water. We also have offers and discounts for the event!

Who Organizes It?

Cinema in the City is a welcome summer break from the cold winter.

The events are hosted by Mt Adams Cinema in the City and small businesses that are local Mt Adams area. Some of these small businesses include venues such as Jake Speed & the Freddies, Happy Hippo Shaved Ice and Empanadas Aqui. These are all local businesses which are favorites of the Mt Adams community.

The Whole Family Can Enjoy.

This outdoor cinema is family friendly experience is a great way for generations to come together to enjoy classic entertainment. Film goers can bring the children and the dog, and enjoy time with the entire entourage. Arrive Early and let the kids run around on the lawn before the film, may be if you’re lucky the little ones will settle down and cuddle with parents during the film.

Sit back and relax, while watching your favorite old fashioned, classic movies and music while the sun sets in the beauty of the outdoors. This a great opportunity for quality time and bonding with your loved ones. The focus is definitely on bringing family and community together to enjoy laughter and fun through classic comedy and drama that only classic theatre provides.

Where is it Held?

This picturesque cinema is located in the lovely pavilion of the beautiful Eden Park and features summertime events for free. These events include movies such as “Auntie Mame” and movies from the nineties. See Will Smith in his early days in “Men in Black”.

During one of the free events movie lovers enjoyed the inclusivity and community connection in the Mount Adams screening of Mama Mia in the peaceful Eden Park. The retro cinema created an audience favorite with their well planned Sing along, The film goers sang their favorite songs while enjoying the fun and flamboyant story of Mama Mia.

Lots of Movie Variety.

Preceding the screening of Mama Mia was an opening act of the rhythms of the band ‘Real Live Humans’ and delicious food was provided by the local favorite ‘Mama Bear’s Mac mac and cheese food truck’. Desert was offered by Graeter’s ice cream.

At another event the cinema held, they featured the 1958 film Auntie Mame, the premise surrounding an irreverent escapade of a boy and his aunt. The free showing was presented by the Mt. Adams Civic Association. At this family centric event Jake Speed and the Freddies proceeded the film with an entertaining musical ensemble. The expertly presented musical mixture of folk, country and ragtime tunes prepped the audience to enjoy the venue provided.

This event was a huge hit in June. This fun event was followed a few months later by another eccentric classic “The Labyrinth”. There is sure to be something for everyone who loves a quirky, old fashioned retro film.

If you get hungry you can grab a quick bite before the main event and they are always looking for recommendations from their audience. Both of these things create an atmosphere of inclusion and cohesion for most park goers.

Summertime is the perfect time for spending time in the park and what better way to get to know your community than over classic entertainment. These events are sure to be a great time for the whole family. These times will surely create memories which will be full of joy, fun and laughter for years to come.

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